Monday, May 23, 2011

File Synchronization

Hi everybody,

here is our 3rd video about DropML in which you can see how is the synchronization working.

We hope you will like this video.


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for a great app.

    I have noticed one issue with synchronization. When I edit say a text document on my phone, I go to favourites and click on check, it gives me the option to upload. I do so, but DropMl creates a new folder in Dropbox, so the conflict never goes away, unless I manually move the file to the correct folder in Dropbox. As an example, I have a folder scheme as follow Dropbox>Documents>Personal>Notes. In Notes I have Simplenote files synced there. If I download Note1.txt, then edit on device and reupload, DropML cuts the mane 'Documents' to create the following tree Dropbox>uments>Personal>Notes, with the edited version of Notes1.txt. SO my files are never synchronised. I then have to delete the old version of Note1.txt, then move the version DropML added to the newly created folder to the correct place. I then tap check in DropML, it picks up the conflict and I redownload the file, then everything is in sync.

    I hope that makes sense

  2. Thanks for your comment and especially thanks for reporting this issue, we will try to investigate it.

  3. Hi, thanks a lot for this software!!! really!!!!!
    I would like to donate 10$ via paypal, if you have an account, add paypal widget to the blog.

  4. I'm learning my way around your app - it's good. I have an issue similar to Ntutu above.

    My folder structure is Dropbox > Personal, at the moment. If I put a text file in there from my PC, download it through DropML, edit it on the phone, it spots that the file has changed. If I then go to the favourites screen and click Upload, it uploads a new file into Dropbox > box > Personal. So the files are not in sync.

    I'm using 1.4.0 - any suggestions would be welcome!

  5. Thank you for your amazing software I use it very often!

    I was wondering, is there a way to download an entire folder? I can't seem to find it anywhere, thanks in advance!

  6. Hello! It would be nice from you, if you could give us the possibility to Download your great Software on the new Nokia 808! Thanx!