Monday, March 4, 2013

Bunch of news

Hi everyone,

I would like to give you some news.

First of all, as of today, the Dropbox API version 0 is now in restricted access which means that it might happen that you cannot connect or use DropML anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Because of that, I am currently trying to make a new version of DropML using the API version 1.
Also that new version would use the Qt Quick Component for Symbian which means that it should behave better on all the targets esp. on the E6.

Since I am currently working on it alone and do not have much free time to allocate for it, it might take awhile before I can release. This new version will be release once I reach a similar set of behaviors than the existing DropML.

Also it should fix some known bugs and look much more like a Symbian Belle application and, by using the Qt Quick Components, I hope to be able to port the application to the N9. If I am brave enough, why not porting the application to Blackberry 10.

Finally, for those of you having a Pureview 808, I updated the DropML store entry so that you could try. I am not sure whether it works on that platform but technically it should not be a problem.

One last comment about DropML: some one asked, I looked it up, we cannot make it open source due to the consumer key/secret that we hold as it is granted to us, and this could be a legal issue to share that. So please understand our choice not to make DropML open source.

BenoƮt for the DropML Team