Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Some updates about DropML

Hello everyone,

it's been quite awhile since our last post.

I would like in the first place to say how sorry we are for not communicating so much with all of you. We haven't been that present lately mainly due to what's happening in our private/professional life but we tried to answer most of you emails or messages, or at least Michele tried.

I guess you all know what is happening currently with Nokia. Thanks to the CEO, many people will be fired, most of them working on things related to Qt.

I personally feel sad and angry about that decision, I guess Michele as well since our contract with Nokia are being terminated.

Some of you contacted us, hoping to see a version for Symbian Belle, hoping to see some updates or maybe new features. I cannot tell you directly that this will never happen as we never know what the future will be made of, but I can tell you, this is not exactly our current priority.

I guess there are only a few chances that we would provide a new version of DropML, unless we really get motivated about it, but once again, our current motivation is in finding a new job.

Sorry if you feel disappointed by this news, but I don't feel that guilty about the decision as DropML is a free software. But as I said, maybe we will get motivated again and provide a new version. Let's see what happens.

BenoƮt for the DropML Team.