Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dropbox new API

Hello dear users/followers,

a few days ago, we received a notification from Dropbox that their API changed and that our application is using an API which will be deprecated in March. This means, we will need to make an update in order to support the new API otherwise it wouldn't be possible for all of you to keep using our application.

I'm not sure what's our current plan. More discussions need to be done within the team to know whether we do anything only for this change or if we try to do something bigger. Stay tuned for more.

We also would like to wish you all a merry xmas and a happy new year and hope to provide a new version of DropML during 2013.

BenoƮt for the DropML Team.


  1. download a file from dropbox

    edit it using a texteditor like office

    upload it back tondropbox

    now it is not in the original folder anymore but instrad as a copy in a rootfolder called pis

    yes, pis

  2. Thanks for your ongoing work, it's really nice to have a good Belle application for DropBox, since it's unlikely that DropBox will ever implement one themselves.
    Just a note, resolution and button size on the E6 is not very usable. I can share more info or screenshots if you'd like.